Artist Interview: Boygrim /// Resonate

Q: Tell us how Boygrim came to be.

BOYGRIM: Boygrim came to be when I was about 15, tho I went by a different artist name, I started creating music in 2015 in my music class by just rapping over type beats and showing them to my friends, then eventually I came in contact with multiple engineers and started a small team!

Q: Who are your musical and/or artistic influences?

BOYGRIM My music is inspired by artists such as Bring me the horizon, Aries, Post Malone & Just sad trap or music with a lot of emotion in general.


Q: What can Boygrim fans expect from “Resonate?”

BOYGRIM: Resonate Is an album that brings together a lot of emotions and gives everyone a style of music to pick from that falls under the sad trap/cloud tap vibe but with my own twist and inspiration from metal music as well.


Q: You have some collabs on “Resonate.” What is your favorite part of collaboration?

BOYGRIM: My favorite part of collaborating with other artists is bouncing ideas off of each other and over all working together. I have always felt like art can be created faster and more efficient with more people involved and I love working with artists similar to me to see how they might interpret a song.

Q: What do you hope people can take away from your music?

BOYGRIM: I hope people can take away the idea that they aren’t alone and many people have been in the same or similar position, I have had some bad times in life but music has always been there to get me by, that’s what I want to be for others.

Interviewed by Sarah Scott




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