Artist Interview: “One More Step” by Davide Perico

Q: Your song “One More Step” has just come out. How long have you been working on this track?

DAVIDE: I have been working on this track for about 5 days. 3 days were dedicated to the composition and recording of the instruments, the remaining two days to mix and mastering.

Q: How were you able to get the artist Dojee to collaborate with you on this song?

DAVIDE: Dojee and I have been collaborating for 12 months now, and [through a mutual friend] it was him who contacted me to create Lofi music together.

Q: Your song sounds like a relaxing addition to the Lofi genre. What genre would you consider “One More Step” as, and what genre(s) does your music typically fall under? 

DAVIDE: When I create a song [such] as “One More Step” my main goal is that the listener never leaves the mood. If you put the song on a loop you can listen to it endlessly, and not hear anything that disturbs you. This is a combination of arrangement and sound. Surely some aspects [of my music] are Lofi, others chillout and vaporwave. I think I have my own style, and my own distinctive sound.

Q: When did you know that music was what you wanted to do?

DAVIDE: It was a long time ago, but I’m pretty sure it was my first thought since childhood.

Q: You are also a film composer. What movies have you written music for?

DAVIDE: Darkness Within (2020) was my first film, and I won several awards for best original score. Then Peter’s Rd. (2021), A Hint of Menace (2021), and other short movies (mostly horror). I am currently working on a new film, With you I found me, which deals with the problems of the population of Asian origin in the US.

Q: What is the best thing about being a musician?

DAVIDE: I would say that the best thing is that you never know what you will find written in the next email. Whether it is a director who asks [for] a type of music that you have never done, an artist who wants to collaborate with you, or the bank that threatens you because you have no more money lol. In short, I’m not bored.

Interviewed by Voncia Molock






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