You Only Want Me When I’m Gone /// Jeffrey Chan

There’s a happening going on in the rooms of reclusive listeners and those that wish to see the luminosity for themselves-

Like the pitch of elusive wanderings, almost a sabbatical from the underpinnings of reckless love. We listen to Jeffrey Chan’s “You Only Want Me When I’m Gone” and it’s a livid endangerment of the heart, a jogging of memories of the cold blooded sorts. 

Jeffrey Chan has a unique voice, there’s swell of poetry, the kind that answers to unrequited love, matters that are questioned so brutally in this soliloquy. There’s a racy, heated, almost frenetic emotional depth to “You Only Want Me When I’m Gone” and it travels along the radius of the thighs and hip bones of past lovers.

There’s an infamous wave of both moving, danceable synth-pop and vocals that are memorable and visceral- An invocation to the forgotten, past mistakes that come back to be relived over again in another perhaps more joyful incarnation. “So you say that I’m falling, in your words I’m way behind/ you want me, you got me/ I’m trying to just see why,” there’s are sort of knowingness that is also a sentiment of lostness, not knowing which way to turn, to be in a world of blindness but being able to see.

Jeffrey Chan’s “You Only Want Me When I’m Gone” is a danceable track, its as though wading in an eternal ocean of lights. Jeffrey Chan’s vocals are a spacey-baritone giving grief a good reminder sometimes it’s good to give in to our wants and desires.

Written by Hari Palacio





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