Baggage /// FiveSidedDice

FiveSidedDice is a multi-genre music project from the coast of South Africa. With “Baggage” the band achieves exactly that, a mixed cocktail of musical influences to leave their print on something that sounds truly their own. 

The opening track, “Another Night”, begins with a gentle acoustic guitar riff that introduces the song over tasteful drums that set the rhythm section for a vulnerable and reflective singing rap verse. The hook then smacks you in the face with distorted guitars that combine rock, punk, and emo. You’re right away introduced to the multi-genre style that the band proudly performs. ​The song then breaks into a nice instrumental where the band combines the acoustic and distorted guitars. It’s this juxtaposition of melodic calmness and aggression that makes “Baggage” feel unique. 

The chorus feels anthemic and has the sing along elements necessary for a hit record performed live, but it’s at the two minute mark that the song takes another level with more energy. The screamo influence is in full display and the song picks up its pace before unwinding to an ad-lib pre chorus into the final hook. It finally ends with the acoustic guitar’s pretty riff and drums, concluding the song leaving you to feel like you just experienced a multitude of audio wave experiences that still manage to sound cohesive. 

”Killmusic” has more of a rap, relaxed RnB vibe that is suitable for cruising on a nice summer day. The lyrics are about not selling your soul or conforming, but it’s also easy to just unwind to the instrumental’s calming vibe. The horns that come in the end are a nice touch.

“Running Out of Life” has a nice soulful and blues vibe that continues the project’s diverse range. If “Killmusic” felt like you were by the ocean then “Running Out of Life” feels like you’re in New Orleans. “Unfit” again introduces the really clever guitar riffs the crew is able to come up with. There’s a cool indie-rock vibe with this one that delivers a very catchy hook and arguably the record’s best one. It again switches up into the distorted rock in similar fashion as the opening track does. The genre changes in the song are really enjoyable.

The project concludes with “Leaving”, a pretty number that is acoustic and ethereal, reminiscent of Sufjan Stevens. The lyrics have a nice existential message to the mutable nature of life. It is a fitting outro track to the record which again reveals the band’s prowess for range. 

For fans of music eclectic bands who bridge rap, rock, soul, indie-pop, punk, and blues – “Baggage” is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Written by Jon Kagan





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