Once /// The Lunar Keys

Whether you want to admit it or not, we’re creatures of habit. There’s a safety in routine that won’t allow you to deviate from the familiar. Because of that, the thought of taking a giant leap into the unknown becomes that much more daunting. But, what if you decided to, just for once, take a risk and let the chips fall where they may? “Once,” the latest single by indie rockers The Lunar Keys, is all about facing down what scares you and going on living without a safety net.

“Once” is quite the atmospheric shift by the crew that brought you the whirlwind sound of “Stop This” and the raucous, party rock anthem “Oxygen Type.” This time around, the band has opted for a majestically subtle sound with a serene spark. Slightly meditative in tone, it coaxes you into envisioning what would happen if you chose the road less traveled in your life. While there, you can’t help but be relaxed by how uplifting a mood surrounds this track. On top of that, a punctuating drum beat is the essential accent for a song about listening to your heart over your head.

On the mental side, “once” is the keyword of this song. It’s funny how a, literally, singular word can strongly resonate and tie together the entire fabric of a song. By repetition, it clings to your conscious mind and wiggles its way into the subconscious like the metaphorical ear worm that it is. While it’s not a typical call to action, “once” is subtly persuasive enough to push you out of your comfort zone.

With “Once,” The Lunar Keys have hit refresh and returned with an invigorating sense of calm. Pressing pause on their established brand of adrenaline pumping rock, the band serves up a tranquil dose that will alleviate that frantic chatterbox in the back of your head.

Written by Travis Boyer





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