Get Along So Well /// Will Moore

Unless you’re naturally impulsive, it’s almost never wise to rush into anything. In your haste to make something great, you’ll, instead, find an indistinguishable mess.  After going musically dormant since 2018, there’s nothing slap-dashed about Seattle based singer-songwriter Will Moore and his band’s latest single, “Get Along So Well.” The byproduct of 18 months of work, this tactically methodical bit of smokey alt rock pop toes the line between rock and pop with a deftly executed synth and exquisitely jagged guitar riffs. 

While “Get Along So Well,” won’t overpower you with grandiose, electric chords or swelling choruses, it does keep you captivated with how systematically structured it sounds. It’s the work of a thousand brushstrokes, not splatter art. You can tell how much thought there was put into crafting a melody that’s efficient, but also engaging. From its softer, synth accents to its sharper moments of precision guitar and marching drum hits, Moore and crew hit their marks to uphold the simmering baseline that they’ve created.

The lyrical undercurrent of this song is of a tried and true, interpersonal theme. It’s all about the give and take that are common grounds for any relationship. With a mix of hope and a dash of exasperation, Moore delivers the signature line of “when we get along so well.” It all smacks of the notion that when we’re on, it’s electric. But, when we’re off, it’s explosive. “Get Along So Well” is about a relationship that runs the extremes without ever settling in the middle.

On “Get Along So Well,” Will Moore and friends have created a temperate rendition of alt rock pop. Instead of matching up with a volatile relationship, it flips the script and brings us a largely, level headed melody to soothe the tension. After considerable time in their musical lab, Moore and co. have concocted the anti-venom for acrimony.  

Written by Travis Boyer





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