New York State Of Mind /// Daisy Gill

Daisy Gill released her fiery new track early this month called “New York State Of Mind”. This single is another high energy pop song such as previous tracks of her’s like, “Nothing Out Of Me”, “Telephone”, and “Breaking Down The Walls”. This style and level of energy has recently become Gill’s new sound moving from their old “retro-style” of pop into the mainstream. This singer-songwriter from Liverpool, UK originally broke out in the music industry with a strong following from her viral Tiktok videos, some over one million views, building a huge community who shares her music. Her success doesn’t stop with social media, though. Daisy Gill has performed at places like The Royal Albert Hall and the Glastonbury Festival.

“New York State Of Mind” is a catchy song made for women to reinforce female empowerment. It is simply about the fight to keep going when all forces are against you, which all can relate to, but specifically up and coming women in music like Daisy Gill. The artist says, “This song is to any working woman in particular, who has felt unheard, let down, or torn apart by the day to day grind…we have to take back our own power and use our voices, we have to keep going to achieve our goals no matter what obstacles lie in the way.” Gill uses her catchy hooks, and fun producation to present this very serious, feminist take.

The attitude used in the diction of her lyrics and toughness of her voice depicts the fight women go through while doing their best to work and achieve dreams. This singer-songwriter’s soulful voice and the quirky flair she puts into every song is Gill’s best quality- her voice and music being very reminiscent of early Adele and even Amy Winehouse. The ease of listening to her music is fantastic, and her lyrics drip into your ears because of her smooth, eloquent voice. The production and all its bells and whistles, and the beat is what really drives the song, and brings it all together to pair nicely with Daisy Gill’s voice.

Written by Autumn Martin





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