ALIVE /// Karma Brigade

All of today’s soul crushing rhetoric carries such a mental weight that you may even doubt the sun will rise tomorrow. However, the optimistic inverse of that tells us that it is always darkest before dawn. In between, the constant is that you’re alive and look forward to the brighter days ahead. Icelandic alt rock band, the aptly named, Karma Brigade, delivers a simple, level-headed mantra on their easy going, new single, “Alive.”

Built upon a relaxing, alternative rock meets electro-pop slant, “Alive” is a welcome dose of serenity. As a whole, it starts out quiet and peaceful before it crests into a triumphant rally. Much like watching the sun’s gradual climb over the horizon, the melody moves from moody tranquility to sparkling illumination. “Alive” is an invigorating composition that builds up a restorative charge delivered straight to the circuitry of your soul. 

With no use for grandiose overtures, “Alive” serves up a simple motto: “I like being alive.” It’s not a deep, philosophical puzzle, it’s just the essential belief of taking it a day at a time. Often, songwriters want us to do our own homework to decipher their jumbled up meanings. With no mystery to solve here, you can take it at the face value. It’s about braving the storm of life while remembering that you are here, now, and that’s all that truly matters.

An amazingly uplifting work, “Alive” is a great way to decompress from a world that wants to flatten your spirit. On this track, Karma Brigade presses pause on it all and asks you to bear it no mind, at least for about three minutes.

Written by Travis Boyer





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