Artist Interview: Naderi /// Blink & You Will Cry (Feat. Pauline Herr)

Q: The production of “Blink & You Will Cry” coupled with Pauline’s airy vocals transports listeners into another world. This track definitely highlights your talent as a producer. How did “Blink & You Will Cry” come together?

NADERI: Pauline and I had been working on a few ideas and then I came up with a really cool chord progression and Pauline hit me back almost immediately with a really heartfelt vocal. We had an original early version which people loved but I wanted the production to feel like it’s from the future and when I started working with Monstercat, that gave me the inspiration to build a new world around Pauline!

Q: You said that “Blink & You Will Cry” is a really special release for you. What makes this particular release so special to you?

NADERI: Pauline has been one of my greatest friends in USA and I always try and aim to make music with friends, it’s just more special. This feels like a labor of love from both of us.


Q: You’ve worked behind the scenes with some of the biggest artists in EDM such as Flume and Alison Wonderland. Which collab pushed you the hardest as an artist and what did you learn from it?

NADERI: I’m always learning, all the time! Working with Alison always takes me to magical places and she constantly reminds me to be vulnerable in my music.


Q: Where does your love and passion for Dance music come from?

NADERI: I think when I immigrated to Australia as a kid, I took comfort in music. It was the first part of western culture that let me be me and accepted me. And no matter what I’ve been through in my life, music has always been there for me.

Q: You do a lot of official remixes; how do you keep your sound fresh and different?

NADERI: I push myself so hard when I do remixes (sometimes in an unhealthy way) I never want to fall into the trap of following a formula. If I find myself getting to that point then I don’t finish the remix. Nobody wants to hear you on autopilot.


Q: Do you have any projects that are currently in the works?

NADERI: Yeah working on so much stuff, I’m taking over and writing my own set of rules. I especially can’t wait for everyone to hear my upcoming Monstercat releases!

Interviewed by Brynn Hinnant

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