JAMAR’s latest single “Say Less” is a soulful track that channels the best of 90s R&B with a driving pop flair. Featuring the artist’s silky-smooth voice accentuated by flawless production and beats, “Say Less” will be the perfect addition to your hot summer playlist.

Beginning with a beautiful and bold piano melody, the beat comes in strong with the verse as rhythmic chords create depth and tension beneath the words. JAMAR’s voice is broad and emotive with a beautiful and classic tone as he delivers the lyrics while effortlessly fluctuating between syncopated lines and drawn-out melodies. Decorative electronic elements add a light, playful feel over the steady beat creating dynamic layers that flawlessly complement each other. “Say Less” tells the story of a late-night tryst with a sensual tone that will have you scrolling through your contacts wondering who to text “you up?”

Based in San Diego, California, JAMAR has learned about the music industry from Ne-Yo and has amassed a following 78k strong on the popular app TikTok. With this single, JAMAR showcases his modern and throwback pop/R&B sounds along with his undeniable talent for crafting a sexy, captivating song that has all the makings of a long-term hit.   

Written by Katrina Charles

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