TK’s latest track “Stacks” is an engaging hip hop song that boasts incredible beats and raw, poetic prose. The production is dynamic and expertly crafted to create an encompassing song that accentuates the artist’s creativity and talent. This is a track that is impossible to listen to just once. 

With a light, melodic intro of brightly ominous notes and striking vocal echoes, “Stacks” begins with a mysterious, thoughtful feel before launching into the rhythmic verse. TK’s voice is relaxed and conversational while retaining a strong and confident tone. The lyrics are delivered in an unexpected rhythmic syncopation as they craft a narrative about women who are working hard towards financial success. The words playfully dodge the intoxicating beats creating an encompassing, harmonic environment.

Based in Toronto, Canada, the up-and-coming artist grew up in a life full of instability and turned to writing as an outlet to express himself through the hardships. His love for poetry along with his interest in music led him down the path to becoming a hip hop artist who now uses his experiences to create songs full of story and depth. “Stacks” showcases TK’s incredible lyrical wordplay, clear and emotive vocal delivery, and intuitive production in a release that is an exciting experience from beginning to end.

Written by Katrina Charles

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