Loops & Loops /// Things Are

“Things Are” by Loops & Loops is a real and raw song that blends the best of indie and lo-fi sounds to create an engaging song that you’ll want to listen to again & again. Featuring optimistically entrancing music and a laid-back vibe juxtaposed with tough love lyrics, “Things Are” is a bright, realistic tune that invites you in with no-frills relatability.

A lively strummed guitar intro ushers you into this upbeat, dreamy song. The drumbeat is steady and pronounced beneath the rhythmic instrumentation as the ambient verse begins. The lyrics are delivered in a conversational, matter-of-fact way with stacked vocal melodies that add layers of texture to the already vibrant and complex tune. The lyrics are practical and truthful as the chorus repeats “things are what they are no matter what you feel, you can pray for a thousand years but you’ll have to deal with it.”

Loops & Loops is New York-based musician Peter Bogolub’s latest musical project that celebrates the intersection between lo-fi and indie rock. After 20 years of being a musician and producer, Loops & Loops began as Bogolub’s quarantine project but soon grew into something more. With the release of this single, Loops & Loops showcases a relatable, human attitude to the trials of life with lively instrumentation, catchy lyrics, and wonderfully orchestrated lo-fi production. An incredible blend of perspective and talent, things are certainly looking bright for this artist.  

Written by Katrina Charles


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