2 Dub Official /// “North Meets West”

Rapper 2 Dub Official’s latest release “North Meets West” is an engaging hip hop track that features the artist’s attention-grabbing wordplay paired with West Coast producer JayBeatz’s well-rounded and expert production. A track that is full of fire and talent, “North Meets West” is a collaboration that will have you begging for a sequel. 

With a driving, upbeat intro, “North Meets West” begins with an intoxicating energy that is fierce and confident. The beat is steady as the repeating melody creates a solid foundation for the clear and striking verse as it enters with an enveloping layered vocal effect. 2 Dub Official’s voice is calm and conversational with an understated and piercing intensity. The syncopated lyrics are catchy and exciting with supportive production elements like echoes and accentuating vocal additions that keep you on your toes. The hook repeats “when north meets west that’s how we put it down”.

With this release, the Ohio-based artist showcases his incredible lyrical wit and instinct. JayBeatz’s creative production adds the perfect amount of flair to the already strong lyrics and embellishes them at all the right times. “North Meets West” is a standout track with its top-tier lyrics, impressive vocal delivery, and impeccable production that truly exemplifies the magic that happens when north and west collide.  

Written by Katrina Charles





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