Populate The Moon /// Electric High

When a band wants to aim for a high concept sound, it often feels like they are shooting for the moon. Some blast through the stratosphere and beyond, while others explode on the launch pad. Norwegian rock band, Electric High, takes that challenge and attempts to reach new heights with their latest single, “Populate The Moon.”

At the onset, a subtle bass line serves as a countdown to takeoff. As the bass tiptoes along, withering vocals enter the scene. Co-lead singer Per Vidar Staff hits all the right notes to heighten the tension in the dwindling moments of calm. Strategically placed guitar twinges pierce through in the waning seconds before blast off.

Without warning, the clock suddenly strikes zero. A sonic boom in the form of thundering guitar, bass and drums is unleashed in the chorus. As the chorus fades out, Staff’s vocals reach their apex on the resounding cry of “populate the moon.”

After breaking the sound barrier, an unexpected return back to tranquility occurs when the crawling bass line reappears. This track is set adrift into the void once more. However, it is not long before it is jettisoned by another explosion of bass and guitar.

However, this turns out to be a prolonged stage rocket that lasts nearly to the track’s conclusion. A clutter of collapsing vocals and thrashing guitar are left in its wake. All of which culminates in ear splitting reverb and maniacal laughter. After enduring the madness, “Populate The Moon,” reverts back to a slinking bass before fading to black.

With “Populate The Moon,” Electric High has had a successful launch. On their voyage, this track hits the afterburners and zooms straight to the stars. 

Written by Travis Boyer





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