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As the hours of daylight dwindle and the leaves fade to brown, the natural world begins to retreat into hibernation. Depending on your location, the bitterness of winter will soon take hold. Sun splashed days are replaced by gray skies until the hopefulness of spring emerges in due time.

Until then, a ray of sunshine from Southern California will have to do. Los Angeles indie rock band, Indigo FM, have released a hopeful single entitled, “Daffodil.” This track captures the renewal of spring as it sprouts and flowers.

At first, “Daffodil” is tempered by an undercurrent of tense, rapid guitar. Lead singer Esteban Obando enters with deadpan vocals that jive well with how understated the melody feels. The dryness of the word “daffodil” drives home the malaise felt while hoping for spring’s return. The first stint of this song reflects how nature reverts to a stillness each winter. Everything is frozen into place and awaits its return to life.

“No use believing in daffodils” is one of the last sullen lines uttered by Obando before a sudden uptick in tempo blasts through the gloom. With abundant warmth, this track melts away all of the iciness that encased the opening portion. “Daffodil” rides a crescendo driven by sunny guitar and lively drums. 

The re-energized chorus of “Daffodil” hits differently on lines like “plant the seeds for the springtime of your mind.” Before, this line felt like it would never manifest. Now, it is here in full force. Ultimately, Indigo FM’s resounding anthem is “we belong in the summer for all time.”

This latest effort by Indigo FM perfectly transitions from the dreary state of winter into the hopeful possibilities of springtime in the span of three minutes. The melodic range on this track is impressive from start to finish. Be on the lookout for Indigo FM’s debut album, which is slated to drop in 2022.

Written by Travis Boyer





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