Inconvenience /// Catterina

Let’s not feel too uneasy now… Catterina was able to release her single, “Inconvenience,” earlier this month on October 8, 2021. Let’s hope that our troubles are not too much of a hassle as we take a closer look. 

Based in Houston, Texas, though she was born and raised in New York, Catterina is not just an artist. Catterina claimed in an interview with VoyageHouston that the eclectic mix of artists that she was introduced to during her teenage years had the opportunity to shape her into the artist that she is today. According to Catterina’s Facebook page, the stylings of her vocals were influenced in a heavy fashion by jazz, contemporary R&B, folk, pop, and blues. This year, she was able to make her debut with her pop-rock single, “Wasted Time” ( 

“Inconvenience” falls into Catterina’s respected genre of pop. She was also able to bring the influence of rock-pop, soul-rock, contemporary soul, soul, retro-soul, and indie-pop. 

On the other hand, though, the melodies within the track were not the only noteworthy aspects of the release. What drew my attention to the track was the fact that the intro started off smooth and had a nice retro feel to it. The melody, however, is tuneful and catchy. Catterina has a soulful vocal tone and is able to put her real feelings into the track. The lyrics are deep and meaningful with some interesting phrases such as “…and I’m sorry to say that this won’t be kind” and “I had my standards so high, but I decided to give you a try.” Instrumentally, the track was able to provide that of a rich and rhythmic accompaniment that was able to complement the vocal track nicely. The quality of this particular single has been high vocally and high instrumentally. Overall, this track is original and amusing, and I think it has the potential to make it to the top with its meaningful lyrics that were able to provide valid feelings. 

Written by Sherryl Citera






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