Fight Of Our Lives /// Emily Silver

Let’s not hold back any longer now. Emily’s Silver’s “Fight Of Our Lives” will have us go one way or another. Let’s not stop now as we take a closer look at this track as the temperatures rise.

“Fight Of Our Lives” is able to represent the London native’s respected genre of pop. She was also able to bring the influence of contemporary pop, commercial pop, and rock-pop as well. The singer-songwriter is also able to include the element of dance with a bit of a rocky edge in a song or two that she was able to share with the world.

In so many ways, the singer-songwriter’s release of this track was an amazing tune to listen to. The melody is catchy and something that was able to come out strong. The melodies were not the only noteworthy aspects of “Fight Of Our Lives,” and how it came to be as a release that can be able to rock one’s world. Emily is able to provide a vocal tone that is very heartfelt as she was able to put real emotions into the lyrics. The lyrics are deep and clever with some meaningful phrases. Instrumentally, “Fight Of Our Lives” was able to provide a powerful accompaniment that was able to complement the vocal track in an excellent way. Vocally and instrumentally, the performance quality of this is through the roof and, in many ways, very high. Overall, this track is strong and melodic, and I think it has strong potential that, in many ways, it could fight its way to the top of the charts one day.

Written by Sherryl Citera





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