Sun /// Tired All The Time

“Sun” is the new single by the band Tired All The Time. The song was originally released on November 5, 2021, and the video was released later on November 16. 

The sythesizers and drum beat bring life to the track, with catchy vocals adding to the melody. This Indie Pop song continues to add layers sonically as the track goes along, with the climax coming around three minutes and twenty seconds into the song. 

Their style on this song is definitely influenced by ‘80s Pop and Alternative, with the drawn out keyboard parts, and the bombastic drum part. Based out of Washington, D.C., Tired All The Time present their band in an unique way on their Facebook account. The video for “Sun” scales a professional looking business office with employees working and doing office work. 

The lyrical theme of the song is about how time is passing by, in the whole grand scheme of the universe, with the Sun being an important part of our solar system and life itself. They sing, “The world will die, there won’t be nothing left, no industry or legacy for us.” This futuristic outlook on a deteriorating society is interesting, and is the main purpose behind the song and video. 

This song is extremely creative, catchy and has a deeper meaning that can bring listeners back for repeated listens. The music video visuals only add value to the song and its concept, which is recommended for listeners who want to go beyond the song itself. 

Written by Skylar Rogers

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