Little Things /// Charlie John

There’s only a one-way road, which leads to greatness! Charlie John’s “Little Things” has one wanting to possibly grow old with their significant other. Let’s not let one another down and dive into what this release is all about in the eyes of a love song that is full of feels.

Born into a musical family, Charlie is not just your typical artist. According to, he was able to flourish his talents during his high school years, though it was no surprise that at the young age of six, he was singing and performing with his siblings for friends and family. Having to have picked up a guitar at the age of eighteen and never looked back, Charlie had the privilege to play solo gigs while he attended school and was working (  

“Little Things” was able to fall under Charlie’s respected genre of pop. He did, however, influence other genres such as commercial pop and indie-pop. 

This is such a lovely track. The melody is tuneful and melodic. Charlie has been able to share a warm vocal tone as he was able to share real feelings into the lyrics. The lyrics are meaningful with deep phrases such as “I’m starting to feel like the world is fading,” “I hope you’re happy here without me,” and “Late night talks about heartstrings and how a love would last.” Instrumentally, the song has a rich, compelling accompaniment that is able to complement the vocal track in an amazing way. The performance quality is high vocally and instrumentally throughout the piece. Overall, the song is strong and melodious, and I think it has a strong potential to touch one’s heart.

Written by Sherryl Citera





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