Tell Your Friends /// The Hillties

Here is the new single “Tell Your Friends” by The Hillties, a Funk Band from Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. The first thing you hear is the guitar introduction, with the drum and vocals following closely behind. This Indie Pop Rock sound has a lot of power behind it, but that doesn’t take away from how catchy the track is. The chord progression features four chords, with the keyboard and guitar being the most featured instruments. 

There is an extended bridge section of the song where the guitars again take charge. They sing, “Been waiting all week, Feel like I’m on repeat, My feet won’t carry me, Until I get my sweet relief.” This song doesn’t sound like a breakup song, but the lyrics seem to allude to some kind of relationship that is starting to fail, either because of the narrator’s observations about the relationship, or because of the actions of the other person. It is not clear what the person did, but that doesn’t matter, this song is about communicating that bad news to someone, whether they are listening or not is I guess up to the listener to decide. 

This jam was officially released on October 22, 2021. The vocals and the guitar are the highlights of the song, as well as the songwriting in general. It has a laid back feel to it at the start, but then it shifts to be slightly more upbeat. The Funk and Blues influence is felt on the guitar part especially. 

The Hillties have quite a bit of music on their streaming accounts. They released an album titled, “Sunshine” on April 17, 2020. 

Written by Skylar Rogers

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