Stav G creates a world of brilliant, brutal honesty in “Leaves,” a sparse enchanting dance that is both beautiful and schizophrenic. We can think the operatic Kate Bush or weirder Bjork are summoned in Stav G’s “Leaves.”


This is a song, an ode to our desire, and the ideas of pursuing one’s love interests. Stav G’s “Leaves” is a rare occurrence we are confronted with moments of profound relinquishment and the beauty of music- We can look into the strange, mysterious spirit of Stav G and think of the group CocoRosie another super group filled with eclectic, wonder.

Stav G’s concept is unique and timely, “as the scribbles of my soul turn into leaves/ to whom it may concern/ you may have me whoever I am/whenever,” there’s a gyrating dance between lovers and we witness how Stav G covets the unspoken pieces of them.

“Memories, lists and thoughts” drive Stav G into a frenzy of rapture. The songstress mystifies us with her music an erratic, pulsing of tiny missiles becoming almost despondent moments, until we realize the loll is really an anticipation of desire meeting lips- Stav G’s “Leaves” brings into luminous space the visible relationship flittering about in a cistern waiting to culminate. The spacey music is a wild ride of bends and breaks-

Like so many loops of interludes flooding “Leaves” we are transfixed. Through the odd and hip sounds we get a jolt, a quick fix and Stav G is a lesson in what is cool: via its strangeness. There’s a rarity to the sound as though we were facing Ani DiFranco/ CocoRosie and Kate Bush melded magically together, (all reminiscent of Stav G’s sound). We start to think of “Leaves” as a work that puts the weird into the spotlight with vocals and music perfectly paired. An artfully beautiful love song.  

Written by Hari Palacio





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