Our Universe, Our Galaxy /// Stemin

Netherlands based artist, Stemin, has released his latest track, “Our Universe, Our Galaxy”, which is a soulful pop anthem detailing how safe we feel in our dreams. With beautiful lyrics, infectious melodies, and an excellent production, this song is perfect to assist in looking inward on where you feel most safe.

“Allowing your inner dreams and desires to see the light is always a struggle, especially in a society that still struggles with tolerance,” explained Stemin, and this song exemplifies that perfectly. With lyrics like, “Rest your soul as you lay on my chest all night. Do that thing again. Go back to my dream”, you can hear the want to detach from reality and delve into the safe space of your dreams. The lyrics also have a free-ing sense to them as all the listener can picture escaping into their dreams. It is beautiful.

The melodies and production are very infectious as well. The production isa nice mix of soul and pop. It gives this wonderful capricious vibe to the song, and it allows the listener to feel as free as Stemin. The production also assists Stemin’s incredible mesmerizing melodies. The vocals and melodies are very hypnotic and will make the listener feel all the emotions Stemin projects. It is extremely relaxed yet powerful and perfectly exhibits Stemin’s mastery over the track.

“Our Universe, Our Galaxy” is an excellent soulful pop track that would be perfect to listen to to escape into your dreams. With the prominent lyrics mixed with the enthralling melodies and production, Stemin showcases his talents exceptionally well. 

Written by Marcus Smith

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