Disappear /// Unfollow Me

Unfollow Me, an American-based duo, has released their latest track, “Disappear”, which is a captivating hip hop track with a lot of influences from UK Drill and Electronic Pop. With the captivating production, excellent flow and lyrics, and a grand performance, this track is nothing short of perfect. 

Unfollow Me is a duo that consists of Corrine Stevie (rapper, songwriter, and designer) and PRPL NRG (producer, Ableton Certified Trainer, and synth freak). They state that their name is a play on society’s obsession with gaining followers for doing absolutely nothing. 

Corrine Stevie’s flow and delivery on this track is absolutely immaculate. It’s intense and keeps your attention for the two minute track, and it leaves you wanting more. She sounds cool, relaxed, bouncy and powerful. It perfectly complements the intense production from PRPL NRG. It is like an alternative hip hop track with elements from UK Drill, Electronic Pop, Trip Hop, and much more. There is a powerful synth, a hard bass line, and multiple percussive elements that keep you on the edge of your seat. 

With Stevie’s flow and PRPL NRG’s production, they together create a powerful soundscape that creates the perfect amount of tension for the entire two minutes.The production and vocal performance are quite exceptional as well. Together they create a show-stopping piece that will leave you in awe.

“Disappear” is a captivating track from Unfollow Me. With the intense lyrics and flow, enthralling production, and astounding performance, Unfollow Me created a masterful song that will make you crave more.

Written by Marcus Smith

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