We Still Have More To Do /// John Love

When you’re in the midst of the darkest of times, it is often hard to find the light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes you need someone to guide you towards brighter days. On John Love’s latest single, “We Still Have More To Do,” the Chicago-based singer-songwriter is the perfect companion for navigating through the gloom. Always encouraging and uplifting, Love has crafted a soothing, ambient epic.

At his core, Love embodies peace and love on this track. His vocals emanate good vibes rooted in compassion. Altogether, Love is a reassuring entity that lives in a majestic soundscape. 

As relaxing as the melody is, it does so much more with a whole lot less. The ambient quality of Love’s sound speaks volumes without cranking up the noise factor to eleven. Save for a few, well placed rumbles of percussion to awaken the senses, this track operates on a smooth, serene plane.

As this song’s motivational center, Love does his best to brush aside the bleak. He offers up this advice as part of the chorus: “Here’s to happier days, they’re soon to come. And don’t you forget that, my friend. We’ve not reached the end. We still have more to do.” A resounding drum hit punctuates that last line, cementing its impact as this song’s rallying cry. 

“We Still Have More To Do” is built on looking forward to a brighter tomorrow. After listening to this track, you cannot help feeling hopeful that grey skies will fade away. John Love is the perfect messenger of hope.

Written by Travis Boyer





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