Fixed Memory /// Glen Echo

Glenn Echo’s “Fixed Memory” is lunar light gleaming upon the world, deftly casting its neon mauve over our dark city. Glenn Echo pursues the lost embers, the seas of memories that collect our former lives in a ship of tears and stardust.

“Fixed Memory” is an album of soft spoken, singer-songwriter, emotionally hallowed work, we can feel the enthused vigor that caresses us throughout our nostalgic trip, that is Glenn Echo at his best. “Stains of your sweet kiss sailing around/ seas upon my skin like tracks on the snow,” a vivid host of images are resurrected from the lyrics of Glenn Echo’s “Fixed Memory” and we bury our heads in solemn acknowledgment of its depth-

Its dance is a slow, profound dirge for the stars in the night as Glenn Echo gloriously sings. The sublime soundscape crush us with immense enthusiasm and Glenn Echo traverses the experimental with certain rare tracks in the discography. There is a sentiment of diverting from the path and creating darker sounds while still having that luminosity. With Glenn Echo’s “Fixed Memory” there’s a raw delivery and a sensual taste to the album.

We are almost driven mad by the serenade of vocals and guitar as though the first thing we had to share between our lovers were goodbyes. It’s a lucid dreamworld that we whorl around in, as though captivated by some mad cause sweeping us far from the islands we may have been calling home. Perhaps, we think the songs were taking us to strange nomadic lands, and we could learn the truth within the past within a breath from a song. Glenn Echo is imagining a complex world of consequence without regret.

“Fixed Memory’s” breadth is vast and Glenn Echo’s voice is like a piercing machete in the jungles of Colombia or a stream of lightning in the azure night- It works at the bone of surfaces until we feel the ruby, red, rawness gnawing at us. The torrential heat of pain exhausting the nook of our nest of comfort, our special hurt, Glenn Echo’s voice digs and digs until it’s uncovered that we are still healing from wounds foreign and unmentionable.  

Written by Hari Palacio




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