Blue Sun /// Everything but the Everything

Are you seeing the beauty? Everything but the Everything’s “Blue Sun” featuring Olivia Blanchard is able to provide that. Leave it all behind as we dive into this wonderful track.

Based in the Bay Area in California, Everything but the Everything is not just your typical artist/band. According to, Izzy The Gent was able to come a long way. He was able to play at his middle school’s talent show and is able to produce alternative new wave post-punk out of East Oakland ( 

“Blue Sun” had a wonderful opportunity to fall under the amazing, rockin’ genre of alternative rock. Everything but the Everything has also been able to influence other music genres as well, and not just alternative rock. Garage rock, indie rock, rock ‘n’ roll, and rock were able to show their involvement.

This is definitely an amazing track that deserves to be rocked out to. The melody was well-shaped and memorable. The singer, Olivia Blanchard, was able to provide a rich and strong vocal tone as she was able to put real feelings into the lyrics. The lyrics were original and amusing with some clever phrases. Instrumentally, the song was able to provide a rhythmic and compelling accompaniment that perfectly complements the vocal track within itself. Through the entire track, the performance quality was high, and it was able to make this track stand out in a positive way, both vocally and instrumentally. Overall, this song is catchy and strong, and it definitely has the potential to hit the charts.

Written by Sherryl Citera




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