Who or What I Was Before /// Eddie Cohn

“Who or What I Was Before” is a new single by rock artist Eddie Cohn. He brings energy to this track with inspired singing and the upbeat percussion. With influences from 1990s Grunge artists, this track jams and is full of forward movement.

The song’s lyrics are a reflection on time, past and future, looking forward to who you want to become, while also thinking back to who you used to be. Changes in life happen periodically, and understanding who you are can be a challenge, and also uplifting when you learn more about yourself. Cohn said this in a press release about the track, “Can we change or are we innately stuck as being the same person for the rest of our lives? I’d like to think we always have the ability to change and that’s sort of what this song is about,” he said. 

Eddie Cohn brought in Brett Farkas to play the electric guitar parts, Dan Lutz on bass guitar, and Jake Reed on drums. Cohn played all other instruments, including acoustic guitar, synth, piano, and of course vocals. The vocal melody is catchy, and the song is crafted well at two minutes and 44 seconds. “I need to make up my mind. Before you turn away, I thought you’d leave darling. Tell me tell me what pissed you off, I feel like a let down,” he sings. These lyrics reflect on the trouble in life, but the chorus communicates that although there may be doubts in the past, we can move forward into new territory. 

Eddie Cohn has released multiple albums, the last being in 2021, and singles as recent as 2022. According to a press release, Cohn plans to release singles every other month in 2024.

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