Lost Soul EP /// The Trusted

Sometimes, being in love mutates into an affliction of compromised emotions. Symptoms may vary anywhere from desperately unrequited to terminally jilted. “Lost Soul,” the latest EP from indie rock outfit The Trusted, delves into the susceptibility of a lovesick heart. Beyond exploring feelings of inadequacy or an insatiable need for attention, “Lost Soul” also hits upon reaching the verge of emotional ruin, all the way down to hitting rock bottom.

“Lost Soul” and “Marrow” share a common thread of dealing with an emotional deficiency. Led by a driving guitar and rollicking drums, the title track is about employing someone as a crutch. In a change of pace, “Marrow,” with its overtly poppy melody, digs into a codependency that’s beyond skin deep. The refrain of “be my blood, be my marrow” by lead singer Tom Cunningham is testament to how much you need them to think of yourself as being complete.    

Delving into a more superficial, ego-boosting kind of love, “Gimme Your Devotion” features a colorful melody of cheerful guitar riffs and tumbling drums before breaking out into a decidedly reverent pipe organ interlude. The latter ushers in a preacher-ish presence that takes a jab at the cult of celebrity, commanding the faithful to “never leave our pop culture temple.” Declaring “I just want to be loved” before asking “will you worship me” of their flock, this part of the stanza is a plea for reverence while their mercurial side is always a mood swing away. 

“Doomsday” and “Burning The Night” represent two different, forlorn stages. First, the fiery riffs of “Doomsday” lay out the fury of approaching the precipice of falling into a pit of despair. “Make way for your doomsday” means that the pain itself is in knowing what is to come. The EP’s finale, “Burning The Night,” displays a methodical approach of a steady bass line and drums before unveiling some dreamy chords. Altogether, it details the ultimate lows of heartbreak, starting with closing yourself off, followed closely by frustration and, finally, throwing up the white flag.

In its entirety, “Lost Soul” encompasses a wide, complicated spectrum of what it is to be in love. Instead of focusing on the lovey dovey, swooning side, The Trusted highlights the muddled messes, entanglements and shallowness of seeking love, as well as the slide into heartache. “Lost Soul” is a study of how a basic emotion can turn out to be so convoluted to process.

Written by Travis Boyer






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