Connection /// Nissu

“Connection” is a hot new single by pop artist Nissu. Nissu is a Brazilian native who is now located in Dublin, Ireland. This track will get you to get up and dance, and feel the positivity radiating from the song. This feel good jam reminds us that we are all stronger when we work together. 

This track has so much energy it is infectious. The horns add the perfect punch to the track to make it even catchier. The lyrics talk through how we need support from others when we are at our lowest. “And we will be, better than what we were. Not afraid to show the world that we got love and compassion. Wiser than before, supporting each other more, cause our strength is our connection,” Nissu sings on the chorus. He delivers this uplifting message in such a beautiful way that it will change your mood immediately if you aren’t having the best day. 

Nissu explains that it’s totally normal to feel down and frustrated sometimes, but believing in others is the cure to that dark feeling. Who is able to live their life without support from others? Nobody can live like that, we all need “connections” to work through problems and find solutions. 

Although it isn’t easy to ask for help sometimes, those that care about you will find a way to do what they can, and use their wisdom to make sure we are all connected together. This song helps inspire the listener to remember their connections and to make sure they aren’t lost. 






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