The Edge of Things /// Matt Saxton

“The Edge of Things” is a new song by artist Matt Saxton. It’s uplifting and vibrant, an anthem about feeling overlooked and on the sidelines. He uses horns to add a flair to the melody, along with guitar and piano chords to fill out the track. The tone of the track is bright and powerful, but the lyrics add a tinge of melancholy while also being motivating. 

The lyrics describe a character yearning to be the star, yet they only feel like a background character. “I feel like I’m in, someone else’s film. Like an extra, who’s made to stand still,” he sings. He is dreaming of being the center of attention, but the world isn’t forgiving all the time. He observes the world and sees others on the edge, but they don’t seem to mind that fact. “I even live on the edge of Roger’s farm. I see men fishing and they look pretty calm,” he sings. 

Although he isn’t where he wants to be yet, he knows where he wants to go, so he has a goal and a sense of direction with his life. “I need to be, the leading man. But no one seems, to understand,” he sings. He has the confidence to dream of being a star, which is one step towards making it a reality. 

Matt Saxton has released numerous albums and singles over the years. Stream more of his discography on Spotify. His second newest single is “Take it Or Leave it”, which was reviewed on PopFadBlog recently.

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