Take It or Leave It /// Matt Saxton

“Take It or Leave It” is a new song by artist Matt Saxton. He sings introspective lyrics about growing up and looking back on memories of a relationship, and doing our best to move forward. The main accompaniment instruments are piano, acoustic guitar and drums. The melody is catchy and gentle, and resonates with the heart.

Saxton opens the song with the line, “In the photograph, we look so young,” he sings. He reflects on his life by remembering those times when everything was yet to come. He discusses this further in the first verse, which leads into the chorus, which quotes the song title to deal with the present and look at the future the same way we look at the past. He sounds at peace with where he is now, although that desire for old times is also conflicting.

The piano and guitar offer a calm and peaceful background for the vocals. Although the lyrics deal with tension and stress of getting old and losing love, the mood of the song is acceptance and perseverance. “Take it or leave it, where do we go? We’ve got to get back to the place that we used to know,” he sings. There is a piano solo between repetitions of the chorus before he concludes the song with the opening two lines of the first verse. He wonders can we still hope for our love to last, even after times change?

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