Make Me Move /// Alex Zelenka & Robert Owens

“Make Me Move,” is a new song by house artist/producer Alex Zelenka with Robert Owens on vocals. This house track has a slick catchy synthesizer, which sets a chill mood. People can relax or dance to this song, it fits multiple vibes. This track is available on Soundcloud

Owens vocals are very expressive and fit the track well. The lyrics often repeat the phrase, “you know what to do,” he sings. They illustrate someone who wants to dance, as in the title of the song. The lyrics can also be understood to describe an intimate relationship. Owens use of vocal inflections and spoken word throughout the track add a raw element to the laid back synths. The song makes you want to get up and move to the beat.

The production has multiple layers of synths that come in and out as the central melody repeats. This constant shifting in sounds makes the repeating melody pop out more and keeps the synths from getting old. The main chords create a bright tone for the track, and the direct delivery of the vocals build a setting that feels real and relatable. The song is four minutes and 20 seconds, and the final minute of the track is an instrumental outro. 

In a press release about the artists, “Robert Owens is an American songwriter, record producer, DJ and singer, best known for his work with the Chicago house group Fingers Inc. in the mid-1980s.” “Alex Zelenka is a Chicago Artist, Music Producer, Song Writer and DJ. Best Known for his work with Crystal Castles and Telepopmusik,” the press release said.

Zelenka and Owens met at the Chicago House Music Festival. Zelenka has 1,077 monthly listeners on Spotify, and Owens is just shy of hitting 50,000 monthly listeners. Check out more music from Zelenka and Owens on their artist pages.

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