Know Us /// MarkJoseph

As someone once said, “a heart learns it can fly the moment it falls in love.” MarkJoseph, a Brooklyn-born artist who is based in Los Angeles, was able to release his latest single, “Know Us,” on May 3rd. This wonderful tune was able to follow in the footsteps of his previous release titled “Villain.”

“Know Us” was able to have a smooth introduction with an accompaniment that is rich and full. With heartfelt vocals from MarkJoseph himself, the sounds of any and all instruments involved in this melodious melody made this single catchy and tuneful. As this track continued to progress throughout, MarkJoseph was able to give his intended audience something to look forward to as the summer months are on the horizon and love is continuing to linger in the air for those who are wanting to find that special someone.

Speaking of “Know Us,” it was stated that this track is “an optimistic queer anthem for early-summer love.”

If you’re looking for an artist who can create a strong melody that prepares us for what might come, especially when it involves that summertime romance, MarkJoseph is your go-to artist. “Know Us” seems like a real promise as the track’s expressive lyrics were able to get a glimpse into a story that involves a love connection between two people as the months get warmer and that summer is just the beginning. While the performance quality of “Know Us” was high throughout, it was, overall, well-shaped and melodic in many different ways as MarkJoseph continues to share his incredible talent with the world as he embarks on his musical journey as well as his endeavors.

Written by Sherryl Citera






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