New Music Friday – May 17

As summer quickly approaches, the days are getting that much longer. Which means you have more time to listen to these new tracks:

HAWK – Ruminate

The faint, xylophonic fringes of “Ruminate” by electropop artist HAWK are the only sonic glimmers of optimism on a track that actively reflects on having “dreamt of being part of the 27 club.” After dropping hints of darkwave energy, “Ruminate” takes a decidedly ominous turn by the 3:27 mark.

K RHEN – Now Or Never

“Now Or Never” by K RHEN leads with deep, crinkly bass and skittering synth accents. An under the radar aspect of this track is the gritty undercurrent of reverb that periodically shows up on this track.

Nino Benjamin – Talk Is Cheap

“Talk Is Cheap” by Nino Benjamin simmers with subtly siren-ish chords and a mix of tumbling and shuffling drums. A short while after a cameo by a whistling harmonica, this track concludes with a series of wailing riffs.

Aubrey Logan – Used To Care

“Used To Care” by singer-songwriter Aubrey Logan leads in with a swaying set of keys and bass and methodical percussion. In addition, a wah-wahing trumpet makes a cameo appearance to headline a short interlude.

Helve – Worse Than Luv

“worse than luv,” the latest single by alt-pop artist Helve, features a plodding bass and scratchy synth. In addition, high-pitched, screechy riffs echo in the background of the soundscape.

Nathan Houde – Endless Possibilities

Nathan Houde’s single, “Endless Possibilities,” casually opens with rustic acoustics intertwined with the faintest steel guitar-ish whine. However, before long, a bumping bass and grinding, gritty guitar end up crashing the scene.


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