May Music Discoveries

PopFad is back with a batch of six newly discovered songs for you:

To The Moon & Back – Unknown

In advance of their first full-length release, “Memory Box,” “Unknown” is the debut single from French pop duo, To The Moon & Back. Celine Magnano captivates with her wistfully aching vocals.

Stephen Mugford – Easy To Love

“Easy To Love” by singer-songwriter Stephen Mugford starts out with simple, rustic acoustics before vaulting into a rambling chorus of piano and horns. Mugford’s debut record, “Palooza Beach,” is set to drop on August 30.

Hilary Cousins – When I Hear Your Voice

At first, “When I Hear Your Voice” by singer-songwriter Hilary Cousins opens with a rustic acoustic intro intermingled with wiry riffs. Supremely jangly, cascades of piercing chords emerge to the forefront for this track’s finale.

Alli Brown – Summer Storm

Cascading, steel guitar-ish chords punctuate each declaration that “some people aren’t meant to be more than a summer storm” on singer-songwriter Alli Brown on her new single, “Summer Storm.” “Undeniable,” Brown’s debut record, is set to drop this May.

DJ Remo Ft. Emmet Glascott – Mine

“Mine” by DJ Remo, featuring singer Emmet Glascott, takes its initial cues from its ethereal folk-inspired beginnings before flowing into its overall dance pop vibe. A deep, electro-bass features prominently as a melodic transition point and an emphatic undercurrent.

Thomas Charlie Pedersen – Coarse Rasp Of Yore

“Coarse Rasp Of Yore” by Danish singer-songwriter Thomas Charlie Pedersen pairs together delicate acoustics and dreamily filtered vocals. Not to mention, pitter pattering percussion provides a frolicking beat.


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