I Hurt Too! /// Maisyn

Photo By: Kiersten Friesen

Somewhere along the way, you’ve likely had a narcissistic friend in your life. At some point, their self-centered company moves from a tolerated annoyance to a downright emotional drain. Indie pop artist Maisyn explores the fallout caused by a vindictive friend on her latest single, “I Hurt Too!”

Bubbling up to the surface from a once-submerged bass, “I Hurt Too!” ascends from a largely placid and dreamy soundscape to reveal an under the radar, buzzing edge intertwined within the first chorus. As it turns out, the latter foreshadows this track’s sudden switch-up in the form of a thrashing riff. As a result, a sharp guitar slides into the driver’s seat. After one last sojourn into the ethereal, “I Hurt Too!” ramps its way back up, finishing in a gritty flurry compounded by pummeling drums.    

The origin of “I Hurt Too!” is realizing that you aren’t immune to receiving your friend’s “sharp, sharp hits.” In addition, it highlights the “martyr” complex of someone who takes every slight against them extremely personally. However, their woe is me syndrome brushes aside any prospect of conflict as trivial. Altogether, Maisyn paints a vengeful, yet petty picture of an ego run amok. 

In turn, Maisyn analyzes the disjointed dynamic of this friendship. On the “I like you better” page, “when you ask me almost anything…when you’re trying hard to make my day” are the fond memories that remain with you. On the “You like me better” side, “with my mouth shut listening…when you think I am not feeling sane” paints a domineering picture of emotional control that is the furthest thing from healthy. In the end, it is a microcosm of how divergent this friendship ended up.

“Bet you only thought I could hurt you. Well, I hurt too” speaks to shattering someone else’s main character-ism. “I Hurt Too!” is about realizing the vast inequity of a friendship. Instead of going with the flow, Maisyn decides that two can play at this game.

Written by Travis Boyer






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