January /// Ava Valianti

As Phoebe Hoss once said, “Memories are made in moments that cannot be bought, only experienced.” Ava Valianti, a singer-songwriter based in Massachusetts, released her latest single, “January,” on May 24th. This fantastic tune followed in the footsteps of her previous release, “Middle Ground.”

“January” had a smooth introduction with a balanced and atmospheric accompaniment. With expressive vocals from Ava herself, the sounds of any instruments involved in this well-shaped track made this single melodious and tuneful. Ava could give her intended audience something relatable, something to understand.

Speaking of “January,” Ava shared that this single is all “about loving someone from afar, knowing that the person they’re with is a better fit than you are. The hurt is still there and the feelings don’t go away, but you know that as hard as you might try, you’re not what they need. The song reflects the impact of memories, even as life moves forward, and the feeling of being tethered to the past and what could have been.”

If you’re looking for an artist who can share a relatable song about life’s experiences, even if it involves moving forward, then Ava Valianti is your go-to artist. “January” seems like a real promise as the track’s powerful lyrics give a glimpse of the pain that someone has felt and feelings that would never go away all in one day, even though you love that one person from a distance. While the performance quality of this release was high throughout, it was, overall, melodic as Ava continues to share her musical endeavors and journey with the world by sharing her awesome talent.

Written by Sherryl Citera






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