Undiscovered Music Picks

Discovering new music is full of endless possibilities. Check out the vast variety of artists highlighted below:

RoBB!eMaC – !! Catch Me

“!! Catch Me” by artist RoBB!eMaC transitions from a dreary, hollow acoustic-led intro before trading off with the first appearance of plucky, chiming chords. The glue that ties these together is the sudden, depth charge bass that punctuates each melodic segment.

Dan Mudd – Lola

Gritty and jagged riffs accent Italian singer-songwriter Dan Mudd’s “Lola.” In addition, Mudd delights with a soaring, gruff vocal performance.

Zachary Mason – Sweet Sunshine

“Sweet Sunshine” is the cozy new single by singer-songwriter Zachary Mason. This track carries a certain type of insular melodic blend that is very tightly knit together.

Jay Sprouse – Innocent Harmony

“Innocent Harmony” is a bluesy, indie rock single by singer-songwriter Jay Sprouse. While driving acoustics, cascading chords and tumbling drums set the tone, jagged doses of reverb and a wailing solo also grab the spotlight.

ECHO – Burn It Down

From her debut EP, “Broken Things,” singer-songwriter ECHO delivers a resoundingly cathartic anthem, “Burn It Down.” Soaring vocals, gritty riffs and rumbling drums reinforce this song’s aggressive assertiveness.

Neasha Prince – Imagine

Built upon a majestic, swaying melody, soul singer Neasha Prince conjures up stirring vocals on her debut single, “Imagine.” After climbing to reach a captivating vocal peak around the 2:40 mark, Prince takes a moment before one last impressive, vocal ascent before delivering this track’s final, calming note.


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