Summer Playlist Supply

Running low on tunes? PopFad’s fully stocked with nine tracks to choose from.

Lost Hearts – 1024

“1024” is the high octane single by Nashville rockers, Lost Hearts. In addition to its swaggery vocals, “1024” dabbles in an unbridled style of rock led by pummeling drums and furious riffs.

Joshua Pearlstein – Endorphins

“Endorphins,” the new single by electro-pop artist Joshua Pearlstein, resides within an industrialized soundscape. Amidst the skipping melodic pattern, “Endorphins” features a buzzing reverb and the occasional appearance by a high tension guitar riff.

Sonny Lobo – Eye On The Prize

“Eye On The Prize” by Swiss electronic artist Sonny Lobo merges small doses of rock within its larger dance-pop aesthetic. The first such instance is the short riff punctuating the initial “eye on the prize” around 1:15 followed by the presence of a lightning quick guitar that carries out the finale.

Aquafox – Triggers

A dreamy sequence of cascading chords introduces “Triggers” by alt-pop artist Aquafox. Before long, a tiptoeing bass enters the scene, transitioning into the ensuing jangly mix of searing guitar that heralds the first chorus.

Max Gotham – That I Know

“That I Know” from Max Gotham enters with a twinkling, clockwork-esque melodic pattern before echoes of subtly malevolent reverb emerge. Altogether, this track does a delicate balance between ethereal spookiness and a looming sense of foreboding.

Monique Angele Dreaming

Singer-songwriter Monique Angele’s new single, “Dreaming,” glides in with a twinkling piano-led intro. However, these keys end up passing the torch on to a jangly set of rolling drums and wiry guitar.

Nikita Lev – Now I Think Of You Unspeakably

At first, wiry acoustics lay the groundwork for singer-songwriter Nikita Lev’s single, “Now I Think Of You Unspeakably.” However, this combined with its added jangles are countered by the emergence of a frayed reverb undercurrent as well as hints of furious strings scratching their way to the surface.

Ava Valianti – January

An undulating melody defines the landscape of singer-songwriter Ava Valianti’s latest single, “January.” For starters, plains of delicate acoustics precede a valley of swaying chords which meet up with a cliff face consisting of peppy percussion.

DJ Remo – Better Days

Featuring Robbie Hutton, “Better Days” by DJ Remo is highlighted by a measured yet emphatic bass that punctuates its central message that “better days will come around.” A percolating synth performs in sync with the aforementioned bass.


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