The Score /// V of 40M

“The Score” is a new Hip-Hop song by V of 40M. The track features 40m Tye and Hippie G. They all make their presence felt in their distinct styles on a beat produced by LABACK. The beat features trap drums, synthesizers and strings to compliment the melody of the rapping. 

The production is epic and sets up the hype delivery of the lyrics. “Sometimes more is less, sometimes less is more,” V of 40M raps on the hook. The song title and single cover is a reference to the 1996 album of the same name by Fugees. A short intro leads us into the hook, next the first verse has a melodic delivery. Each verse references scoring and not giving up, likely referencing sports and having success in life. They directly reference only needing to score a touchdown. 

V of 40M, 40m Tye and Hippie G all have infectious chemistry and energy, which builds off one another to amp up the tone of the track. This song would fit well for athletes listening pregame or someone working out. A press release had this to say about the features. “Collaborating with 40M Tye and Hippie G adds depth and diversity to the track, creating a powerful anthem that resonates with the revolutionary spirit of the 40M movement,” it said. 

“The Score” is V of 40M’s fourth single on Spotify, and has close to 700 monthly listeners. This same trio collaborated on the track “Pwr” back in 2022.

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