We at PopFad wish you a Happy New Year! Ring In 2024 with this selection of new music:

Ali Diane – Grim Reaper

After a solemn piano intro lulls you along, “Grim Reaper” by alt-pop artist Ali Diane pulls the rug out from under you, courtesy of a series of punctuating, jagged riffs. By the end, the clapping effect of the bass beats underneath it all complete the thunderous finale.

Cedrik Rowland – Do You Hear Me?

Cedrik Rowland’s suave vocals highlight his new single, “Do You Hear Me?” Also, Rowland is accompanied by wavy acoustics and strings as well as deep swells of bass.

Renee Arit – Endless Autumn

“Endless Autumn” by Dutch singer-songwriter Renee Arit is a symphonic folk ballad that offers up a gentle reminder that “you can’t have love without the pain.” Cascading acoustics and strings are the foundation of “Endless Autumn” before the presence of ethereal piano and the deft click clacks of drums appear.

Ex Communicado – If I Never Met You

“If I Never Met You,” the debut single by EDM artist Ex Communicado, is an intoxicating whirlwind of heavy bass beats and digital sirens. Eventually, just past the three minute mark, everything coalesces into a brief, but immensely intense torrent of beeping mayhem.

Helen Ibe – Leave Me

“Leave Me” by Nigerian singer-songwriter Helen Ibe features a wah-wahing guitar that leaps out from the melody every chance it gets. Otherwise, “Leave Me” centers around a serene, swaying rhythmic baseline.

Kate Bes – wasn’t ready for this

While other songs are more overt about sending you into a cardiac panic, the steady, rhythmic beat of “wasn’t ready for this” by Kate Bes sneaks up on you. While it is not an overwhelming device used by the Dubai transplant, by way of Siberia, it is an ever present influence.

Livvy D – Take A Number – Sean Giovanni Remix – Club Remix

In contrast with the subtle boppiness and occasional heavy bass of the original version, the “Sean Giovanni Remix – Club Remix” of Livvy D’s “Take A Number” complements its bass with a dreamy layer of synth. If you listen closely enough during its down tempo moments, there are steel drum-esque beats that accent the background.


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