If you’re looking for some new tunes to finish out the holiday season, PopFad has you covered. Here are some recent music finds to check out before 2023 takes its final bow:

Viepsa Arora – London Is Cold

“London Is Cold” by Viepsa Arora is an enchanting track led by a deep, reverberating bass. It is a song for when you are deep in your feelings and feel right at home nodding along with a methodical style of beat.

Ooberfuse – Hard Times (Ft. Snoop Dogg)

Led by a tough and gritty beat, “Hard Times” by London, UK-based Ooberfuse, featuring an appearance by Snoop Dogg, is dedicated to London’s homeless, who have become political targets for living in tents. The refrain of “hard times, flatline, who would be there for me?” is a statement on how we never think to put ourselves in other people’s shoes, especially the unfortunate among us.

Mary Middlefield – Atlantis

Swiss singer-songwriter Mary Middlefield’s new single, “Atlantis,” is a subtly symphonic folk ballad. Hauntingly sweet vocals, gorgeous acoustics and delicate strings lead the way on Middlefield’s latest effort.

Alton Mitchell – 30 Years Later

Released on Alton Mitchell’s 30th birthday on December 14, “30 Years Later” finds Mitchell declaring “I’m getting older, but much better like wine.” Mitchell’s velvety vocals and a suave, bass-laden melody highlight this track.

Joelle Charan – Forgive Me

“Forgive Me” by Joelle Charan gracefully evolves from sleepy piano and faint upright bass to a swaying, elegant ballad. In addition, Charan’s vocals range from hints of smokiness to reaching for a higher range.

Alexayndra Beware (Acoustic)

“Beware” is an evocative, piano-led ballad that starts out very benign in tone before unveiling its heartrending side. Thoroughly captivating, Alexayndra’s stirring vocals are the embodiment of high emotion.

Emma Rose – Backseat Driving

Cast in a shallow, dreamy lo-fi filter, “Backseat Driving” is an indie pop anthem about the pitfalls of vulnerability. Singer-songwriter Emma Rose ponders “if I never gave myself away, would it have all turned out the same way?”

Jody Lynn – Just Curious

“Just Curious,” the latest single by Jody Lynn, is a rock pop anthem for anyone who is curious about how their lost connections are faring in life these days. It’s a song chock full of wistful thinking about how bright the future once seemed to be.

Soul K – Find Light

“Find Light” is the debut single by Pretoria, South Africa producer/DJ Soul K. Featuring airy vocals by Luyanda, “Find Light” creates a relaxing atmosphere with its lub dub sounding beat and shimmering wind chime accents in the background.

Marcus Ryan – So Far Away

“So Far Away” features a magnificent, guitar god level of rock. Alongside the stellar riffs, Marcus Ryan rises to the occasion as a gruff but steady vocalist.


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