Artist Interview: “She” by Razor Braids

Photo By: Justin Bruschardt

Brooklyn-based indie rock band Razor Braids discussed their new single, “She,” and their musical influences and inspirations.

Q: What was the inspiration behind writing your new single, “She”?

Razor Braids: So much of our songwriting is about the tough stuff and life can feel really hard sometimes both in the macro and micro sense. With “She” we wanted to create a space for ourselves and our audiences to just experience something good even if it’s just the small joy of flirting with someone special at a party. It’s such a fun song to play and really captures the excitement and energy of starting something new and just being totally floored by a really hot girl you just met. There’s also a theme of just going for something despite anxieties and fears. Allowing yourself to experience that goodness and queer joy even when it feels scary.

Q: What influences your band’s songwriting the most?

Razor Braids: The emotional ups and downs of day to day life, from the small anxieties to the big, uprooting changes. We have a pretty collaborative songwriting process so it feels like the songs are also influenced by our connection to each other and the experience of sharing your inner life with others.

Q: What would you like listeners to take away from a Razor Braids song?

Razor Braids: We want to make music that makes people feel like they aren’t alone. It’s that feeling when you hear a song of like “oh…fuck that’s familiar” even if the situation is different. It’s this sense of connection we want to create but also a sense of empowerment and finding personal strength or at least some kind of peace within whatever someone’s going through. Let us soundtrack your life.

Q: What bands/artists are your biggest inspirations as a band?

Razor Braids: So many. We’re always sharing music with each other and all have a variety of influences. Some faves include: boygenius (supergroup of our fave artists), Mazzy Star, Fiona Apple, IDLES, Mitski, Indigo de Souza, Wilco, Rosali, Wednesday, Sleater-Kinney, Big Thief, and Jessica Lea Mayfield.

Q: How would you describe the band’s overall sound/energy?

Razor Braids: Vocal-forward songs with complex harmonies, melodic guitar riffs and grounding bass lines. We have a spectrum of songs ranging from delicate to destructive, but all are tied together by a driving, empowered energy.

Q: What is on the horizon for Razor Braids in 2024?

Razor Braids: A lot! New releases, traveling to new cities and connecting with more people through music.

Interviewed by Travis Boyer






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