Stifled /// Ollie Twohill

“Stifled,” is a new single by rock artist Ollie Twohill. He is an Australian singer and guitarist, who has been performing for the past seven years. The guitars and vocals highlight the track, with reflective lyrics about feeling stuck in adversity.

The song opens up with an acoustic guitar, with drums and electric guitar clashing together not long after to catch the attention of listeners. These guitar melodies are extremely catchy and sound triumphant, even while the lyrics cover feelings of sickness and being stuck in a cycle. “Stifled, I keep running in place. But the rifle’s, aiming right at my face. And we both know I’ve got nowhere to go,” he sings. Ollie Twohill is gasping for air, feeling stuck and sick of these circumstances.

In the second half of the song, he incorporates a bridge and short guitar solo into the track. The repetition of the chorus is felt with increased emotion as the track concludes as well. The song builds up from an epic opening to a frustrated conclusion, as Ollie Twohill lets his emotions carry the lyrics up to a point of feeling, “Stifled,” as the title illustrates. 

In the press release for the song, Ollie Twohill shared some of his honest thoughts about the meaning behind the track. “Over the years I’ve learnt how important it is to speak to the people closest to you about how you’re really feeling. It’s honestly saved my life by doing so,” he said. His top track on Spotify is, “Hollow,” released in 2022.

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