Miracles /// Natalie Clark

“Miracle,” is a new single by artist Natalie Clark. Her vocals shine brightly on this track as she connects with people struggling, telling them to keep moving forward. Stay positive in life, because miracles can happen to those who need them. 

The melody for “Miracle” will excite listeners because it’s catchy and offers inspiring lyrics to those struggling. “Oh! All you need is a miracle! Do you believe in fairytales? You run, you try to hide, doing your best to stay alive but. Oh! All you need is a miracle,” she sings on the chorus. Natalie Clark can relate to those who are down on their luck, and are unsure of the best way forward, and reminds them that there is always hope for positive outcomes in the face of adversity. The verses acknowledge those feelings of negativity that can creep in when things are looking bleak, but there is a light shining on ahead, and people need to find a way forward to find that light. 

The production includes percussion, guitar and synthesizers to create a majestic soundscape for Clark’s message. Producer Todd Spadafore worked on the track with Clark to create a powerful atmosphere. This pop track captivates the listener with reflective lyrics and connects on a deeper level with those who relate to the lyrics, while presenting a smooth and powerful melody, highlighted by the synth and vocals. 

“Miracle” is the 6th single released by Natalie Clark in 2023. You can check out her other new releases on Spotify. 

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