Invisible Child /// Benton Crane

“Invisible Child” is a new rock single by artist Benton Crane. Keyboards and guitars add a melodic mesmerizing tone to the track. Located in Boulder, Colorado, he uses his music as a way to share his thoughts on mental health, and other issues in society. The song is in a psychedelic rock style, with well utilized effects to the main instruments. 

This track has an energy driving it forward, to go along with powerful guitar riffs and drum parts. Crane’s vocals touch on perseverance and reflection on the past. “Invisible Child, I’m sorry. It’s times like these, it’s times like these, I’d sell my soul for,” he sings during the chorus. He uses the metaphor of an inner child inside oneself to express his feelings on the past, and about how he moves forward into the future as an adult. 

His vocal delivery during the bridge makes use of an echo like sound, adding more layers to the song. The outro of the song introduces a new riff to the track, as well as setting up a guitar solo to bring the track to its conclusion. In the press release for the song, Crane says this about “Invisible Child”. “With this song, I am striving for a sound that feels unapologetically genuine as I step into myself as an artist. Even if that means my art isn’t for everyone, I want to convey the message: ‘This is who I am, take it or leave it,’” he said. 

Check out his other songs, including, “Nuclear Night”, and “Daylight on the Run”, on Spotify. He also plans to release one song per month in 2024 until August. 

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