Photo By: Yossi Sloane

When a relationship has reluctantly reached its bitter end, venturing into a brave new reality is no consolation. You may bargain, sacrifice and plead for a revival, but all fall in vain. Emotionally tethered to the idea of ‘us,’ you cannot fathom an alternative. Singer-songwriter Emmrose’s latest single, “Tattoo,” carries a torch for a fading love. From casually despondent to restless, the moody, acoustic-tinged “Tattoo” hangs onto the past for dear life. 

“Tattoo” arrives with a heavy, downcast blend of acoustics and drums accented by wiry, dreamy chords. All of which are countered by Emmrose’s vapory vocals hovering aloft in the ether as she initially scrolls through a series of bleary-eyed ruminations. Mirroring a growing exasperation within, “Tattoo” percolating, aggressive drums provide an emphatic presence. In addition, Emmrose’s second and third renditions of “Say you wanted space…” eliminate any ambiguity, leaping forth with refracted, echoing vocals. In turn, the warbly, fading filter over the “oh, my heart’s tattooed” interlude captures being trapped between emotional realms; a space where neither joy nor despair have firm residency.

As we walk through life, there are rosy memories that we store away as souvenirs of brighter days past. When the source of those projections within our mind starts to fade from our life, we are desperate to keep the light alive. “My heart’s tattooed” is the visceral representation of carrying the power and significance of each reminiscence with you. In addition, “Tattoo” drops a not so subtle hint, “for you, I’d change myself to have your love again,” about drawing up desperate designs on winning someone back. In a way, “Tattoo” is about not being able to find it within yourself to sever the ties that, in reality, no longer link you together.

It’s often said that you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. Emmrose proves the exact opposite with “Tattoo.” Altogether, it reflects knowing full well what’s at risk if your nearing, collective fates come to fruition. 

Written by Travis Boyer






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