By The Wind /// Saint Stacy

A captivating pop sensation, Saint Stacy has released her new indie pop single “By The Wind,” available everywhere now. The Swiss-based artist has already gained traction on Spotify with over 30,000 fans and performed over 300 shows in 20 countries. Stacy is a jack of all trades in her own right, performing as the lead singer of the pop/techno band Kadebostany from 2016 to 2020 and launching her own fashion brand “LA.PEAU.DE.PECHE.”

The poppy track is catching and unique, with Saint Stacy singing about being taken by the wind, and getting past the pain and struggles she faces. Stacy’s vocals have an overall airiness to them that perfectly balance with the references of wind. She includes instrumentals that start strong and full of bass, and by the end there is faint keys and droning notes in the background. There is a clear transformation that takes place in this song that is remarkable to watch.

Stacy shares outright who she hopes the song will connect with in the lyrics, “This song is made for souls in pain / Let’s meet tonight next to the opera house / We all made mistakes / Maybe we wanted too much? / We′ll be more careful next time.”

Overall, Saint Stacy has already had many incredible accomplishments in her exciting career, and she is continuing to build off her distinct brand and sound. “By The Wind” fits in with modern pop artists like Chappell Roan and Olivia Rodrigo, but in a way that is all her own.

Written by Katie Power – Rising Artists Music Blog






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