Self Destruct /// The Trusted

Photo By: Jordan White

Ideally, we are able to stick to a healthy mental path and guard against any derailing emotional threats along the way. Sometimes, we stray so far away from normalcy that the chaos within becomes our new routine. Indie rockers The Trusted explore falling into a pattern of all-too familiar mania with their latest single, “Self Destruct.” Amidst a bout of adrenaline spiking noise rock, “Self Destruct” is about swan diving into panic courtesy of a shove over the precipice by an outside force.

After an ear-piercing reverb, tune-up intro, “Self Destruct” slides into a frenzied riffin’ build-up, complete with a “1,2,3,4” countdown before the main event. Afterwards, it is jump started by pummeling drums, a driving bass line and combination of gritty and squealing guitar bits. After a momentary lull near the end, lightning speed riffs lead the way for a ruckus of rumbling drums and interspersed jangly accents colliding together for a raucous finale. 

The recurring theme of “Self Destruct” is about what happens when anxiety becomes an invited part of yourself. In this instance, someone’s tried your patience and your natural response is to rage it all out of your system to sort yourself out. In addition, “Self Destruct” keeps coming back to the concept of “control,” particularly how elusive and fleeting the notion can be. On top of it all, it taps into inexplicably finding yourself flirting with disaster once again.

Altogether, “Self Destruct” dabbles in malcontent rock energy. Likewise, The Trusted delves into what it is to give into a heightened state of delirium. Altogether, “Self Destruct” embodies a type of aggressive self-awareness that embraces its flaws, even to your own detriment.

Written by Travis Boyer






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