Warmer weather has finally made its long awaited arrival. Perhaps, one of these songs will soundtrack your next drive with the windows down.

Kelis Arlene – Love, again

German singer-songwriter Kelis Arlene’s evocative vocals highlight her song, “Love, again.” In addition, “Love, again” moves from a dignified piano intro into more, subtle symphonics in the form of dark, willowy strings.

Noella Rain – Figure Skates

Indie pop artist Noella Rain’s new song, “Figure Skates,” is a hybrid of ethereal atmospherics and coarse melodic fringes. “Figure Skates” counters its lighter side of jangles and delicate synth with gritty guitar accents.

Henry Michael – Before You’re Gone

“Before You’re Gone” is the debut single by Cambridge, Massachusetts singer-songwriter Henry Michael. “Before You’re Gone” transitions between dulcet and assertive keys with faint twinges of acoustics etching across the background.

A-Zal – Phonebook

“Phonebook” by A-Zal is an acoustic-tinged pop song assisted by the presence of a punctuating bass. While twangy chords have their time to shine, “Phonebook” is guided by a palpitating rhythm.

Razor Braids – Berate Me

Gritty, grinding riffs and squealing reverb highlight Brooklyn rockers Razor Braids’ tenacious new single, “Berate Me.” Razor Braids will drop their new album, “Big Wave,” on June 7.


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